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Our TRVLR story started in Summer 2019. 

A lot has changed since then.

We acquired VINO Magazine in Fall 2019 and began our Winter combination issue when we were met with COVID-19 trepidation. We’ve had things on hold for more than a year, so you can understand our enthusiasm behind one of the most popular new guides for Central Coast travelers coming back to lead the way for our 2021 travelers up and down the coast from Napa Valley to Malibu Beach.

 We are now returning to a bright future and great travel opportunities coming up in 2020, and Central Coast TRVLR is on the ground planning the premiere guide for Central Coast visitors.

The Central Coast is one of the most amazing, beautiful and diverse coastal areas in the world, and people are going to be flocking to us as the warmth of a new spring and summer in 2021 bring us back to that pleasurable and delicious experience that is a vacation across the Central Coast.

Jump in our Spring 2021 issue of Central Coast TRVLR + VINO™ visitor and travel guide. We are ready to go and we know you are too!

Central Coast TRVLR is the number one tour guide for the Central Coast traveler and visitor. Looking for adventure?

TRVLR takes you there.

You can find Central Coast TRVLR at hundreds of hotels, visitor centers, restaurants, art galleries, museums, tourism hotspots, and ports of travel. Ask your hotel to bring TRVLR to your room!

Take TRVLR with you online, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Spring is on the way.

140,000 printed and delivered annually around the Central Coast.

Monterey • San Luis Obispo • Santa Barbara • Ventura • Plus: Napa Valley & Malibu Beach

35,000 copies quarterly in more locations than any other publication on the Central Coast of California up and down Highway 101 and more.
Hundreds of quality hotels, tourism hotspots, travel and tour businesses, restaurants, tasting rooms and more

Get into our Spring 2021 issue!

Our inaugural Summer issue was hailed by hoteliers across the Central Coast as the BEST and most BEAUTIFUL travel and tourism guide for the adventurer, visitor, and tourist … the TRVLR.

Now … it’s even better. Since 2010, Vino Magazine has brought Paso Robles Wine Country to the greater California regions and now joins TRVLR to create TRVLR+Vino™ and the two take the show on the road to share the best of all angles of California from wine to camping, from family vacations to the best restaurants. Everything Central Coast is there, in TRLVR+Vino™.

Don’t miss your chance to get into the hands of your next customer, client, or lifelong friend. Our Autumn issue is open for advertising and editorial opportunities. Contact us today to talk about your options.


Wherever you are headed*. TRVLR takes you there.

*on the Central Coast!


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Central Coast TRVLR is distributed quarterly at 35,000 copies — 140,000 annually — to hundreds of locations from Napa Valley to Malibu, with 5,000 mailed directly to targeted homes in target areas.