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About Us

As a lifelong Central Coast resident, born and raised since 1978, our publisher Nicholas Mattson knows he has been blessed by good fortune. Perfection can be debated, but there is nothing to debate when calling the Central Coast of California a “Paradise” — it truly is.

Nic was raised smack dab in the center, in a little town called Atascadero — about 30 minutes drive down CA 41 to Morro Bay, or down CA 101 to Avila Beach.

“It wasn’t until after spending some summers and winters traveling around the U.S. and Mexico — including a month island hopping in Hawai’i — that I really gained a profound respect for what we have here on the Central Coast. I’m proud to care for it, and call it home.”

Nic Mattson

It was on his return from Hawai’i when he looked south on Avila Beach’s picturesque coastline, knowing that there was snowboarding, surfing, mountain climbing, and other adventures all within a couple hours drive that brought him to the realization that this was home, and he was blessed to have grown up here.

Marrying his high school sweetheart, Hayley, right there on Avila Beach in 2012, the two have spent countless hours over the years working with nonprofit charities on the board level, bringing the Central Coast spirit to others who may not otherwise experience it.

Since 2017, they have published Paso Robles Magazine and in 2019 launched Central Coast TRVLR to bring a condensed and informational guide to events and activities on the Central Coast to our travelers here.

Travelers are not just tourists. They are us. We are those travelers, heading to Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura. We bring our joy and friendships to our local communities, and the communities around us. By sharing what we have, we all get more.

That is the goal and mission of Central Coast TRVLR — to bring the Central Coast together for the satisfaction, preservation, and enjoyment of all.

Thank you for choosing Central Coast TRVLR when you are on the road in our beautiful country. Your support of our advertisers and events help keep us in the hands, heads, and hearts of all our travelers.


The Central Coast TRVLR Team