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It’s been six months since the release of our Summer issue of TRVLR. Since then, you could say it’s been nothing but sunshine. The future is so bright, we gotta wear shades.

In September, just before our Autumn issue was slated to publish, we closed on a major merger to bring local newspapers and other publications under our umbrella. One of those publications is the esteemed Vino Magazine.

With our new catalogue, we had to reassess what our plan was with all we had on our hands. It was a tremendous accomplishment to shuffle all the cards and deal a new deck.

Our new hand, you might call it a Full House or maybe even the Royal Flush of magazines — we proudly reintroduce Central Coast TRVLR+Vino.

Our next issue is in the works and will publish March 2020. It will feature our usual family-friendly travel information about all the greatness of the Central Coast, plus a strong Vino section featuring California wine country from Napa to Santa Barbara.

We are looking forward to getting on the road again!

Happy TRVLs!!